Exhibition: September 13 - 29, 2012
Opening Reception: Thurs., Sept. 13, 6-8 p.m.

New York — Randy Polumbo presents Love Stream, his most ambitious and monumental work to date in the form of a vintage Airstream aluminum trailer transformed into a stimulating experiential wonderland that is both part amusement park attraction and part Freudian intervention. Also presented are a series of handblown crystal Udder formations and techno-organic Wallflowers of glass and aluminum that are illuminated with LEDs to create a bioluminescent frenzy on the gallery walls.

Polumbo combines glass and innovative lighting to create environments that speak to our world of pleasure and sensuality. He invites viewers to immerse themselves in an exotic and lurid Garden of Eden blooming with voluptuous handblown glass flora sprouting from every surface.

Love Stream is the more resolved and vulnerable sister of Polumbo’s The Garden and Grotto of Manifest Destiny (2008), a solar powered, mobile, military command post overrun with blossoms comprised of hundreds of commercial sex toys illuminated with thousands of LEDs.

Polumbo riffs on symmetries and interconnecting webs, linking libidinal structures, galactic exploration, constellations, pollination, pistols, stamens, and biological processes throughout the animal and plant kingdoms. In equal parts Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Freud, Polumbo infuses troubling topics with alchemical salvation rendering the truth and beauty at the heart of dark matters, colonizing the unconscious with colorful seeds.

About Randy Polumbo:
Randy Polumbo lives and works in New York City. His interests in alteration and transformation range from early mad science projects with medical supplies, sporting goods, and sex toys to monumental, handblown glass and crystal proliferations of blossoms. Symbolic colonization, pollination, and retooling of libidinal and biological systems are part of his daily practice.

A graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art, Polumbo draws inspiration from New York City – where desire and consumption inform and sculpt the architecture and cityscape, and residents become both drones and pollinators of a collective incubator/hive of their dreams, appetites and passions.

His work has been exhibited nationally and abroad and is in the collections of the Crocker Museum of Art, California, and the Museum of Sex, New York. His work is also included in many private collections. He has exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach and Burning Man. Recent exhibits include Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York; Grey Area, New York; BoxoFFICE, New York; Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans; and High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA.

Current studio projects include a large penthouse residence turned art installation that is designed and built from Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory salvage and extensive plants (hydroponic gardens, plant walls, a green roof, and a food garden). Polumbo fuses the salvage and foliage with glass and metal to provide the raw materials for this fantastical dwelling – a monumental Polumbo sculpture that can sustain human life.

Love Stream is a commission from longtime patron, collector, and curator Beth Rudin DeWoody.

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