Sam Haskins (1926-2009) was a British photographer born and raised in South Africa. The publication of his books Five Girls (1962), Cowboy Kate & Other Stories (1964), November Girl (1967) and Haskins Posters (1972) earned him international recognition for a new kind of nude photography. Cowboy Kate & Other Stories was highly influential at the time, sold roughly a million copies worldwide and won the Prix Nadar in 1964. Cowboy Kate & Other Stories had its place in photographic history cemented in 2005 when the International Center of Photography in New York included the book in their exhibition The Open Book: A History of the Photographic Book from 1878 to the Present. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions including at the National Portrait Gallery, Australia; National Theater, London; Pentax Forum, Tokyo; Stadtmuseum, Munich; and Museo d’Arte, Lugano.