A-CHAN (b. 1978)


Born in 1978 and raised in Japan, A-CHAN, born Ayumi Yamazaki, began her career photographing advertisements, CD jackets and magazine editorials. She has since exhibited her photographs and held slide shows at galleries in Tokyo and the United States. In 2006 A-CHAN moved to New York City and in 2007 she began working with Robert Frank. From that time on, A-CHAN has worked as an editor and a printer for all of Frank’s work. She has also co-edited and co-designed a number of Frank’s books including Tal Uf Tal Ab(2010), Pangnirtung (2011) and You Would (2013).


A-CHAN’s work features images taken with a SLR 680 camera using PX 70 Color Shade and PX 600 Silver Shade UV+. She currently lives and works in New York City.


Selected Exhibitions:


A-CHAN: Off Beat, Steven Kasher Gallery, New York City


Gotham, Impossible Project Space, Tokyo


Country, Factory, Tokyo


Atsuihi, Nadar, Tokyo

Ban, Nadar, Osaka


写真展「暑い日, Nadar, Tokyo 


Selected Publications:

A-chan. Vibrant Home. Göttingen: Steidl, 2012.

A-chan. Off Beat.  Steidl, 2012

A-chan. Lighting Store. Match, 2012