Dear Friends,
I’m writing to tell you my big news. I have decided to close Steven Kasher Gallery at the end of this year and join David Zwirner as a Director. I do this with tremendous excitement. I am thrilled and honored to be joining what I consider to be the finest ensemble of artists, gallerists and collectors in the art world today. Some of you will know that my background is in painting, sculpture, theory and art history – as well as photography. So I am cherishing this opportunity to work with many important artists and estates rooted in all of these disciplines.
David Zwirner represents many of the greatest photographers of our times, so my specialty of the last 25 years will continue to be put to service. One of my tasks will be to source the best vintage photography — not to mention painting and sculpture — from the secondary market, for our international clients.
I will miss collaborating with the wonderful artists and estates I have been representing. I am gratified that those collaborations have been so successful. I am particularly proud that the majority of our sales in recent years have been directly to major museums, a testimony to the importance of the artists we have been showing. Over the last months I have been active finding many of them new homes. 
David Zwirner mounts peerless exhibitions in its Chelsea, Upper East Side, London and Hong Kong galleries, and in over 20 major art fairs each year. The gallery takes pride in its gorgeous publications and active philanthropy. I will be lending a hand in all these efforts. My office will be in the 69th Street gallery. I am thrilled that Cassandra Johnson will be joining me there. Please visit us in the New Year.
I have had the pleasure to work with extraordinary staff, artists, collectors, curators, publishers, members of the press and countless other colleagues. I thank you all for letting me work beside you. I hope to stay connected to all of you.
I especially want to thank our audiences, those who have visited our exhibitions and enjoyed our publications. Thank you for your expressions of gratitude over the years.
Warm regards,