Jim Marshall (1936-2010)

One of the most iconic rock and roll photographers of all time, Jim Marshall was given unparalleled access to rock's biggest artists, including the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Who, Miles Davis and Ray Charles. He was the only photographer granted backstage access for the Beatles' final full concert at San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1966 and he also shot the Rolling Stones on their historic 1972 tour. Marshall is responsible for unforgettable images such as Jimmy Hendrix immolating his guitar at Monterey Pop, the Who greeting the sunrise at Woodstock, and Johnny Cash flipping a big F-you at San Quentin.

Marshall was born in Chicago in 1936 and raised in San Francisco. He purchased his first camera in high school and started documenting the artists and musicians in San Francisco’s burgeoning beat scene. After serving in the Air Force, Marshall returned home where he had a chance encounter with John Coltraine: Marshall offered Coltraine a lift, and the jazz legend returned the favor by letting Marshall shoot nine rolls of film. Marshall moved to New York and was hired by Atlantic and Columbia to shoot their artists at work in the studio.

Because Marshall lived the life alongside his subjects, and never betrayed their trust, he was able to capture intimate moments of superstars which have become truly iconic images, shaping the way these musicians are remembered. For Marshall, it was all about the music. He once said, “Too much bullshit is written about photographs and music. Let the music move you, whether to a frenzy or a peaceful place. Let it be what you want to hear—not what others say is popular. Let the photograph be one you remember—not for its technique but for its soul. Let it become a part of your life—a part of your past to help shape your future. But most of all, let the music and the photograph be something you love and will always enjoy.”


Selected Solo Exhibitions:
Jim Marshall: The Rolling Stones and Beyond- Steven Kasher Gallery, New York


Selected Group Exhibitions:
Slaves of Mimesis: Nine Years on 23rd Street- Steven Kasher Gallery, New York
7 For All Mankind Gallery, New York
Gallery 291, San Francisco


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