A textile artist from Leeds, England, Mister Finch began his career as a jewelry designer. After leaving the fashion world, he devoted himself to working exclusively with textiles. After garnering a cult following on Etsy, he installed his debut exhibition, Cinder Embers, in November 2014 at the Anthropologie flagship on Kings Road in London. His first book, Mister Finch: Living in a Fairytale World, was published in 2014. 


Mister Finch uses an eclectic mix of upcycled and new materials: from discarded wire, steel, and wood to vintage tablecloths, antique silverware and rescued cottons. From these he creates his woodland creatures. British folklore and the life cycles of insects and flowers are literally and figuratively woven together in his stuffed sculptures. Though he has no formal training of any kind, his mastery of the needle can be seen in intricate details of his impeccably hand-sewn menagerie. 


In June 2015, Steven Kasher Gallery opens Mister Finch's debut gallery exhibition, Mister Finch's Handmade Museum.  The exhibition is a cabinet of curiosities housing specimens both pretty and poisonous from the wondrous world of Mister Finch. Meticulously curated, the exhibition immerses the viewer in a makeshift natural history museum that is also a surreal fantasy realm. Made almost entirely from cotton fabric manipulated to dazzling effect Mister Finch’s Handmade Museum includes over 50 new works by the artist.