Christopher Wool - Untitled

Christopher Wool, Untitled, 2009

96 x 72 in.

Enamel on linen

Robert Bordo - Visiting Artist

Robert Bordo, Visiting Artist, 2014

32 x 40 in.

Oil on canvas stretched over fiberboard panel

Jack Tworkov - Q3-74 #5

Jack Tworkov, Q3-74 #5, 1974

72 x 72 in.

Oil on canvas

Adam Simon - Ovation

Adam Simon, Ovation (Triumph of Logos Over Pathos and Ethos), 2014

81 x 48 in.

Acrylic on canvas

Philip Guston - Untitled

Philip Guston, Untitled (Sheriff and Suspect), 1969

26 x 40 in.

Acrylic on panel

David Reed - Painting #606

David Reed, Painting #606, 2009-2011

96 x 18 in.

Alkyd on polyester

Mercedes Matter - Untitled

Mercedes Matter, Untitled (Still Life), 1978

48 x 36 1/2 in.

Oil on canvas

Steven Sloman - Untitled

Steven Sloman, Untitled (842-2), 1976

84 x 120 in.

Acrylic on canvas

Joyce Pensato - Silver Clown II

Joyce Pensato, Silver Clown II, 2013

90 x 80 in.

Enamel and metallic paint on linen


George McNeil - Dancer

George McNeil, Dancer #12, 1970

60 x 56 in.

Oil on linen

Andrea Belag - Soothsayer

Andrea Belag, Soothsayer, 2014

60 x 70 in.

Oil on linen

Nicolas Carone - Untitled

Nicholas Carone, Untitled, ca. 1952

45 x 64 in.

Oil on canvas


12 Painters: The Studio School, 1974/2014

Exhibition: November 20th, 2014 – January 10th, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 20th, 6 – 8 PM
Symposium: Saturday, December 13th

This fall, on the occasion of the New York Studio School’s 50th Anniversary, Steven Kasher Gallery is pleased to present 12 Painters: The Studio School, 1974/2014. This dynamic exhibition brings together painting by six artists who studied at the New York Studio School in the early 1970s: Andrea Belag, Robert Bordo, Joyce Pensato, David Reed, Adam Simon, and Christopher Wool; and six Studio School teachers who influenced them:Nicolas Carone, Philip Guston, Mercedes Matter, George McNeil, Steven Sloman, and Jack Tworkov.  The exhibition will be on view from November 20th, 2014 through January 10th, 2015 at Steven Kasher Gallery, exploring the connections/dissonances of artists from the Studio School across generations.

While based in abstract expression, Studio School pedagogy privileged an existentialist approach focused on the disciplined act of drawing; translating the figure, movement and light; and connecting with the senses through studio practice in rebellion against the dominant art instruction of the day. Works from Mercedes Matter and artist friends, who launched the school as an extension of drawing salons in her home, are created from heroic abstraction of action and myth, with roots in figuration and nature. Reflecting the group’s European influences, it was serious, un-ironic, and intensely dedicated.

Shown alongside these paintings are the next generation of acclaimed contemporary artists whose works built on and opposed those formative attitudes, and reflect the cultural and societal influences of their time.  Responding to the development of pop, minimalism, conceptualism, and a turn against abstract expressionism, they transpose the heroic modernistic approaches in a variety of bold post-modernist ways incorporating humor, self-consciousness, contemporary imagery of cartoon characters and toys, critique of corporate commercialism and consumerism, and a coming together of expressionism and gesture with the cinematic and electronic. 

The exhibition will be accompanied on Saturday, December 13th by a panel discussion with historians, writers and artists addressing the legacy and impact of the Studio School on artists’ work over the generations. Panelists are: Mira Schor, Barry Schwabsky, Robert Bordo, and David Reed. Moderated by Andrea Belag.

Steven Kasher Gallery has relocated to 515 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM. . For gallery information, please contact: Maya Piergies, 212-966-3978 For media inquiries about the exhibition, please contact: Maureen Sullivan, Red Art Projects, 917-846-4477 or