Big Three Gathers in Yalta, ca. 1945
Vintage gelatin silver
6 x 8 inches

Jane Mansfield and Sophia Loren, Hollywood, CA, ca. 1957
Vintage gelatin silver, printed ca. 1957
9 x 7 inches

Martin Luther King Jr., Protest March, Hit by a Rock, Chicago, IL, ca. 1966
Vintage gelatin silver, printed ca. 1966
7 x 9 inches

Joe Rosenthal 
Emblem of Victory, Iwo Jima, ca. 1945
Vintage gelatin silver
10 x 8 incxhes

Ritual Suicide, Saigon, South Vietnam, ca. 1963
Vintage gelatin silver, printed ca. 1963
9 x 7 inches

Eddie Adams 
Vietnam Execution, Saigon, 1968
8 x 10 inches

Press Release


Exhibition: November 15 - December 22, 2007

Opening Reception: Thursday November 15, 6-8pm

This exhibition continues Steven Kasher Gallery’s exploration of the intersections of photography with histories of struggle and empowerment. War Death Protest Love: An Important Collection of Photojournalism brings together many of the major icons of 20thCentury photojournalism -- juxtaposed with their lesser-known variants.  The show will feature over 120 graphic vintage press prints with their original captions. The attempt is to reproduce the overwhelming emotional impact of the photographic archive we carry in our heads and to disrupt our collective memories by showing the images from another perspective.

The exhibition features series of photographs of (partial list):

The murder of Malcolm X                           

Charles Manson on trial

The shooting of George Wallace                 

The terrorist activities of the Ku Klux Klan

Al Capone with his family                           

Marilyn Monroe and the white dress

Hitler with Mussolini                                    

The life and death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The explosion of the Hindenburg                  

The funeral of Huey Long

The protest self-immolations of Buddhist monks in Vietnam    

The occasion for the exhibition is the discovery of an archive of over 60,000 press prints preserved by photographer Henry Scheafer (1908-2006). From 14 years old, Scheafer worked for the agency Atlantic and Pacific Photos, which was absorbed by Acme Newspictures, which was absorbed by UPI. In the late 1970s, Scheafer heard that the entire print archive was about to meet its demise in a dumpster. On a mission of historical recovery, he trucked the prints to his home, where they have remained until now.

For further information or reproduction scans, please contact Maria    

212 966 3978