Author: Cynthia MacAdams

Publisher: Chelsea House; 1st edition (October 1977) ​

Price: $95


Intro by Cynthia McAdams - Each person photographed in 'Emergence' has a particular viewpoint and reaction to life that manifests itself in her body. The body, according t to the degree of awareness, radiates light. I've chosen these women because each one has a strong radiation of light from her forcefield. Each one emanates positivity and strength. They survive on their own will power. I believe that when they leave their bodies and go on, that what they've done will endure as commendable and ethical and pure. 

What I've seen in each of these women is a total commitment, be she actress, painter, sculptor or writer, each one has had a great deal of integrity and conviction. Some have received recognition. Some are unknown. Some, everybody knows. But it really doesn't matter because we're so commercially brainwashed that we have to learn to rely on our own intuition. 

The women I've chosen matter to me. They are my teachers. Whether it's an old woman taking me on long walks in the Rockies. Or it's Kate Millett teaching me politics. Or it's shaman Alice Neel teaching me about auras. Or it's Lily Tomlin teaching me how to laugh. Or it's Shelley Winters teaching me discipline. Or it's Mary Farkas teaching me to meditate. Each one has nourished me and helped me to understand myself. - Cynthia McAdams, 1977.