Paris City of Light

Christopher Thomas

Published by Prestel (October 2014)

Price: $60.00


Christopher Thomas captures the streets and sights of Paris devoid of people in the photographer’s signature, hauntingly beautiful style. Imagine an entirely empty Louvre or the Eiffel Tower minus the lines of tourists waiting to ascend. In the late night and early morning hours of a notoriously busy city, Thomas shows us Paris as an explorer might experience a forgotten city. The result is a sequence of dream-like images made using a large-format camera, long exposures, and the last of Thomas’s remaining Polaroid film. Thomas writes: “I would apply a sort of X-ray vision, to see past the constant throbbing of life and shine a light not only on the skeletal frame, but also on the heart and soul of Paris. I hope that the essence of the city, which is pushed so far into the background in the millions of snapshots taken every day, becomes visible and tangible in this book.”