Marianna Rothen was born in 1982 in Canada and lives in New York City. After becoming a model at age 15, Marianna spent several years traveling, working and documenting the
experience though photographs. Rothen now focuses her photography on female characters within the scope of a nostalgic dystopia. Combined with decrepit interiors, wilderness and seductive subjects, Rothen's photographs emanate overtones of mystery and dissatisfaction that become part of a larger narrative.

Rothen uses natural or available light and mixes traditional photographic processes with digital media. Since 2007 her work has been exhibited internationally in New York, Paris, Sydney,
Cologne and Istanbul. In 2012 Rothenʼs work was featured in The Last Seduction, a two-person show that appeared at the Hendershot Gallery in New York. During the same year, the artist also had a solo exhibition at Gallery Kaune, Posnik, Spohr in Cologne, Germany titled Gentle Creatures. In 2014 her first book, Snow and Rose & other tales was released with b.frank books and in 2015 Rothen was part of Pheromone Hotbox, an exhibition showcasing the work of 5 women photographers at Steven Kasher Gallery. Marianna Rothen is currently completing a series of short films, ʻFever To Her Plagueʼ.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:
Ingrid Deuss Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Gentle CreaturesGallery Kaune, Posnik, Spohr (kps contemporary), Cologne, Germany, (curated by Michael Kaune) part of the International Photoszene Festival
Studio KLRP Management, Paris, France, Marianna Rothen ʻVernisquatʼ Studio KLRP (curated by Jurgen Lehrer)


Selected Group Exhibitions:
Kasher | Potamkin, Photo London, London, UK
Pheromone Hotbox: Five Women PhotographersSteven Kasher Gallery, New York, NY  
Everything Is All White, Kasher | Potamkin, New York, NY
Kasher | Potamkin, Miami Project, Miami, FL
Steven Kasher Gallery, Paris Photo, Paris, France
Gilded Forest, Kasher | Potamkin, New York, NY
Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Kaune, Posnik, Spohr
Intangible Beauty: Beautiful Woman and the Endless VoidKasher | Potamkin, New York, NY
Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Paperazzi

A/S ARTISTS STUDIOS, Brooklyn, NY, AP (curated by Jill Conner)
Annasatoko Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Friends (curated by annasatoko and Martina Salisbury)
Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton, NY, Glenn Aber Contemporary
SPACEWOMb Gallery, Long Island City, NY, Square Size (curated by Minjie Yoo)
Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Kaune, Posnik, Spohr 
Annasatoko Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, Organic Structures (curated by Miriam Bossard)
Hendershot Gallery, New York, NY, The Last Seduction, Shannon Plumb, Marianna Rothen (curated by James Hendershot)(two person show)
Mo David North, Glen Wild, NY, George Holz, Richard Kern, Marianna Rothen (curated by Mike Osterhout)
Kiki de Montparnasse, New York, NY (curated by Jon Rubin)
Zora Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, They Don't keep this room so tidy as the other (curated by Anthony Allen)
Die Fabrik, New York, NY, Rex Production Presents (curated by Antoine Ifergan)
Galerie Bailly, Paris, France, Reflecteur: “Le sujet devenu auteur dʼimage” (curated by Stephanie Bailly and Jurgen Lehrer)
Black and Blue, Sydney, Australia, You Can Count to Ten (curated by Greg Perano)


The Woman With A Crown, Fever To Her Plague series (2 channel short)
The Passion Of Snow, Fever To Her Plague series (short)
Murder Me Tomorrow, Fever To Her Plague series (short)
Desert Of June, Fever To Her Plague series (short)
Art direction/Still photography, 'Everybody knows this is Nowhere', Directed by GregoryPerano (Feature Length)
Still photography, 'Son of a Gun', Directed by Antoine Barraud and Claire Doyon,produced by Les Films du Belier (short)


Selected Publications:
Rothen, Marianna, and Roger Eberhard. Marianna Rothen: Snow and Rose & Other Tales. b. Frank books, 2014
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